Trump Holds Syria Press Conference Next To Darth Vader, And Twitter Can’t Decide Whether To Laugh Or Cry!

One’s an angry tyrant who let his petty jealousies and lack of understanding fuel an insatiable lust for power. The other carries a red laser sword.

Donald Trump was asked some important questions about Syria on Thursday, and it seems he either didn’t fully understand the topic or was unwilling to give any kind of firm answer until weighing how it could benefit him.

But that’s not unusual, sadly. What did make this instance of Trump’s Presidential incompetence noteworthy was that he was juxtaposed with Darth Vader the entire press conference!

Apparently the new Blu-Ray of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was playing in the cabin, and no one bothered to turn it off as Trump stuck his head around the corner for an impromptu presser.

The resulting images gave viewers a sardonic silver lining to another gross POTUS moment:

Great, Trump is watching Rogue One. We really don’t need him getting any ideas.
— Jason Ward (@MakingStarWars) April 6, 2017

Strange, strange scene.

Trump talking about Syria on AF1 with Star Wars (?) playing in the background.
— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) April 6, 2017

Donald Trump giving a tragically dire non-answer as Rogue One plays in the background is the peak of his
— Jane Adler (@Seri0us_Hat) April 6, 2017

President Trump answered questions with Darth Vader in the background. Priceless.
— Justin Rupple (@TheRupple) April 6, 2017

Nothing to see here, folks. Just President Trump speaking to reporters next to the Darth Vader scene from Rogue One.
— Jared Moskowitz (@jaredmoskowitz) April 6, 2017

the juxtaposition of Trump and Vader has truly convinced me we live for a god’s amusement
— Victoria Aveyard?? (@VictoriaAveyard) April 6, 2017

"I will say one thing: this dude right here – great guy but a terrible leader! He lost big! I’ve learned from his mistakes."
— Mike P Williams (@Mike_P_Williams) April 6, 2017

Some of the most fateful remarks Trump has made as president, and they’ll always be juxtaposed with this scene from Rogue One
— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) April 6, 2017

Unbeknownst to Trump, Bannon put on his favorite home movie of he and Trump on AF1. #RogueOne #airforceone #rogueairforceone
— Megan Ahsens (@MegAhsens) April 6, 2017

Donald Trump has changed his views on Assad.
Oh, he also just saw "Rogue One" & now suspects Darth Vader’s a bad guy, too.
— John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) April 6, 2017

So were they watching Rogue One or is that a security camera in Trump’s office?
— webm0nk3y (@webm0nk3y) April 6, 2017

Off topic from Death Star plans — does anyone else think it would be great if the "something" that Trump thinks "should happen" re:Syria started with the U.S. setting an example for the rest of the world by NOT trying desperately to turn away refugees?

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