How Quiet Should You Be During ‘Game of Thrones’? Fans Disagree

Wanda Fultz and her husband have been married for a long time. It would be a shame if “Game of Thrones” caused it all to unravel.

Like many households and friendships, the couple is torn over a divisive TV etiquette question: How quiet must you be while watching “Game of Thrones” and similar shows with other people?

“It’s quite possible that after 41 years of marriage, my husband and I may split up over this issue,” she wrote in an email to The New York Times, in what we believe and hope was a playful tone. “My husband has a habit of commenting on shows, which drives me insane. Since everyone has an accent, I find I must concentrate that much harder. You can imagine what happens.

“We both like to do a recap afterward, so the marriage may survive. The jury is still out.”

Earlier this week, we asked readers how they felt about the debate. Hundreds responded, often passionately.

Some said any noise from companions would ruin their ability to fully absorb every moment. Others said they needed the ability to occasionally ask questions just to make sense of what’s going on. Still others said they should be able to talk freely, because that’s the fun of watching with other people.

Here is a selection of the responses, which have been lightly edited.

A solid majority of the commenters said they require total silence. Some of them said the issue had lost them friends.

Several said the solution was in watching the episode multiple times: Silence is expected on the first viewing, but commentary is allowed in subsequent viewings.

Meeghan Holaway, 47, of Pasadena, Calif., wrote in an email:

In our comments section, Martin from Brooklyn said:

Zane Foley, a 25-year-old from Los Angeles, said in an email:

And David Stone wrote by email:

To others, there is a middle ground. There are nooks and crannies in which you can sneak a quick comment without speaking over the action, they say. Or liberal use of the pause button can allow for all of the conversation needed without missing a thing.

In an email, Yvette London wrote:

Raymond, from Queens, New York, commented:

Hillary Swanson, of Los Angeles, detailed her well-established regulations:

Some people argued: If you require silence, why are you even watching with other people? Others said the show is so confusing it’s almost impossible to follow without asking questions of more knowledgeable fans.

Risa Prenick, 55, lives in Toronto and watches with her husband and daughter. She said:

Victor Schwartzman, of Vancouver, commented:

In a comment, someone going by Fiona said:

The responses made clear this has been a thorny issue in a lot of relationships.

Mike Underwood, writing from Surrey, England, said:

A commenter going by AWJ, from San Diego, Calif., said:

Jay Fordward, of Iowa, was one of several readers to say he found a solution that worked for both people.

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